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This document shall serve as the official Appropriate Use Policy of twb.net and all decisions by the administrator shall be final.

Policy Violations

This Appropriate Use Policy prohibits the sending of Unsolicited bulk e-mail (aka UBE and/or "spam®:") to any user on this system. (whether for commercial or non-profit reasons).

NOTE: The mention of "US Unsolicited Electronic Mail Act of 2000" and/or "Bill S.1618, Para(a)(c) TITLE III passed by the Senate of the 105th US Congress" inside any message is NOT considered a valid defense from prosecution, as `Bill S. 1618' died in committee and thus was never signed into law.

This policy also prohibits the sending of such mail by any user of this system.

The sender of any prohibited mail which passes through twb.net shall be required to pay a Clean-up fee see below.

Any person or company which has a account on twb.net which violates any provision of this policy shall be warned once, any subsequent violations will result in account terminiation plus Clean-up fee.

E-mail address design:

twb.net does NOT assign any e-maill address which start with numbers. Only alpha characters will be allowed. If you suspect that you have received e-mail from an address that violates this address convection, forward the message WITH COMPLETTE HEADERS to abuse@twb.net .

Clean-up fee:

$50 (in U.S. funds) per violation shall be payable to twb.net. See the Contact Information page for mailing address.
If the sum remains unpaid, the System Administrator may block e-mail to/from users or servers which violate this policy.

Any person or firm that is found to be in violation of this policy may be listed on the abuse listing page , in the following form:

Furthermore, the sender and/or offending system's administrator may be subject to prosecution in Nevada County, Arkansas as a theft of service in the amount of $1,000 per message or attempted message.

Send e-mail to abuse@twb.net with a copy of the "spam®" message (including ALL headers) if you want the administrator to investigate any suspected violation of this policy.

twb.net reserves the right to add, delete, or modify any provision of this Policy at any time without notice.

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