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Denisa Malott has WON !!

The judge will take the misdemeanor charges under advisement, everything will dropped effective November 10th 2011, which is one year from the date the misdemeanor charges were filed.

More details will be added as they come in.

    Our heartfelt thanks to the Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Inspectors for checking on the horses without Coggins (who are usually starving, too). They are our first line of immediate attention and can get owners to call a vet to the premises faster than most humane societies. Also, in cases of carcass disposal violations they are of great service. Call Richard Jackson, Compliance Director, his phone number is 501 907 2400 or email rjackson@alpc.ar.gov. He will get the proper inspector right on the problem.

Please remember to contribute to the Legal Defense Fund for Denisa Malott. It's not over yet!

Bank of Izard County
Legal Defense Fund for Denisa Mailott
09 50 900 611
702 Sylamore Avenue
Mountain View, AR 72560


To our Arkansas Equine Community

The officers and directors of the Arkansas Horse Council heartily encourage everyone to do their best this year to ensure a successful transition to a new way of thinking and doing.  We will continue working to develop an equine recycling program that can help people get new homes for unwanted horses and the Black Stallion Literacy Program for the fourth and first-graders of the state will grow again in the new year.

The Arkansas Equine Foundation continues to assist in placing unwanted horses of all kinds and encourages anyone who would like to "foster" an unwanted horse to contact us at http://arequinefoundation.org.  We have many "pasture ornaments" for adoption.




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