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Arkansas Horse Council Newsletter Archive

News: January 2005

By Betty Miller Jones

This year marked a milestone in the reorganization process of the AHC with emphasis on youth, trails development and animal welfare. More volunteers are needed to make progress during the coming year. Anyone interested in joining with us in these efforts would be greatly welcomed and immediately put to work!

We are an all-volunteer organization and have been incorporated since 1986. During the last 18 years, the council has accomplished many worthy goals such as building the Equestrian Center at the State Fairgrounds, producing educational expositions and trade fairs, getting legislation passed to control EIA and limit liability for equine events.

Starting the EIA Verifier Certification courses that are now taught by the UA Extension Service was another great accomplishment, with more than 1,300 people now certified to check Coggins tests at events. Still, there is more work to be done, so please call or come to one of our meetings. Most are announced in the Roundup, and all dates will be emailed to, our AHC loop. And starting this year, posting will be added to our website at www.ArHorseCouncil.Org/. Find us anytime by searching on Arkansas Horse Council; it will be the first site to come up on the list at MSN. We greatly appreciate the work of our webmaster, Travis Burton of Arkadelphia (formerly of Prescott) , for building and maintaining our site.

The first meeting this year will be Sunday afternoon, Jan. 16, in Clinton. Call (479) 665-AREF to make your reservation. We need to know how many will attend. Location to be announced.

This year we continue to offer our individual and family memberships ($50 and $100, respectively), which include the million-dollar liability insurance for non-business-related individuals, through Saddle Partners of America/Equisure. This policy will be secondary to any existing insurance in force and if there is none, will be the primary policy. It will cover losses on property for which you may be held legally liable.

An association membership is still just $30, Junior/Senior is $15, farm is $25, corporation is $50. All memberships receive monthly copies of the Roundup and discounts on liability signs. To get the most coverage from your insurance policy please get your memberships in this month as it runs from January through December, no matter when you purchase it.

The Arkansas Equine Foundation, Inc. is a 501c-3 tax-exempt organization and helps the AHC in many of their projects. In 2004, they supplied horses for youth projects from the Second Careers for Horses program and helped send our youth to the American Horse Council Youth Meeting in Dallas. Horses donated to the AEF are recycled and placed with youth interested in becoming equine professionals and are adopted for showing and/or recreation by equine enthusiasts.     Applications can be requested by calling (479) 665-AREF (665-2733) or from AHC Youth Council directors Kathleen Wieckhardt or Heidi Dahlstrom. Donations are welcome at all times and are tax deductible.

The Animal Welfare Committee has formed a group of ?Horse Spotters? who work statewide to investigate reports of animal cruelty in all areas of the state. Kay Jordan, Pulaski County Humane investigator is the coordinator of the group. Volunteers need to have email capabilities and can contact Kay through contact form . This is a go quietly and look effort and only requires reporting back to Kay. She will take it from there.

If you have not been called upon to serve, please call us. We would like to have everyone involved who has a little time to spend. It doesn?t have to be ongoing; it can be sporadic. We'll be glad to get the benefit of your experience and wisdom whenever it is offered.

We welcome our first out-of-state association member, The Ozark Country Endurance Riders of Kansas, to our Council this month! Hope to see you soon at our meetings. Happy New Year to everyone!



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