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Press Release November 03, 1999 PA EIA Update For more information on this outbreak: http://members.tripod.com/~EPN/preia.htm.

From EPN@epix.net Wed Nov 3 17:08:17 1999
Date: 3 Nov 1999 22:21:26 -0000
Subject: PA EIA Update 21 Horses Positive

21 horses are now confirmed positive in the PA EIA outbreak. Horses on 47 premises are under quarantine.

20 of the 21 horses have the same horse dealer, Leonord Ott, in common.

Horses in MD, OH, VA & NY have also been tested. Unconfirmed reports trace positive EIA cases in VA back to PA. 23 horses positive in PA in 1999.

The FL Dept of Ag is warning horse owners about the PA EIA outbreak on their website.


West Nile-like Virus in Horses

October 21, 1999

-The latest news from New York State is that West Nile-like virus has been laboratory confirmed in horses. Ten of 13 symptomatic horses from Suffolk County tested positive by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Veterinary Services Laboratory. New York authorities have investigated 23 suspect horses and 13 have died or have been euthanized. Some of these horses were laboratory positive for Equine Protozoal Myelitis.

No cases of encephalitis linked to WNV have been reported in pets during the outbreak

TDH will continue to monitor the situation with this West Nile-like virus.

Received from:
Joe Garrett, DVM, MPH
Zoonosis Control Division
Texas Department of Health
1100 W. 49th Street
Austin, TX 78756

Florida Homes for EIA Pos. Horses

Give your EIA positive horse the retirement they deserve:

The Circle E Ranch
33950 State Rd 70 East
Sarasota Florida 34202
Phone 941-322-1547

Friends, Inc.
1840 NE 65 Court
Ft. Lauderdale, FL   33308-1055
(954) 492-0168, (954) 458-0908 or FAX (954) 749-9258

A Summary of Arkansas' 1997 legislation regarding Equine Infectious Anemia, with new testing requirements for the "Coggins" test.

The full leagleese text of Arkansas' Equine Infectious Anemia ACT 1306 OF 1997 As signed into law on April 10, 1997.

The current Arkansas Equine Infectious Anemia Statute Sections:
  1. Arkansas Statute 2-40-801 - Equine Infectious Anemia
  2. 2-40-802. Penalties and fines.
    The statute links above this line have been corrected, the others below are not correct and should be fixed soon. Please check back later in the week. (9-30-99)
  3. 2-40-803. Rules, regulations, and orders.
  4. 2-40-804. Testing requirements for domiciled equidae.
  5. 2-40-805. Equidae identification requirements.
  6. 2-40-806. Authority to require test.
  7. 2-40-807. Personnel authorized to collect blood samples.
  8. 2-40-808. Submission of sample and test charts.
  9. 2-40-809. Requirements for Arkansas approved EIA testing laboratories.
  10. 2-40-810. Classification of equidae tested.
  11. 2-40-811. Reporting of test results.
  12. 2-40-812. Quarantines.
  13. 2-40-813. Quarantining reactors.
  14. 2-40-814. Positive reactors at official racetracks.
  15. 2-40-815. Testing requirements in affected herds.
  16. 2-40-816. Movement of reactors and exposed animals.
  17. 2-40-817. Requirements for quarantined holding facilities.
  18. 2-40-818. Fictitious names and erroneous information.
  19. 2-40-819. Testing requirements for change of ownership.
  20. 2-40-820. Movement of equidae through approved market.
  21. 2-40-821. Requirements of equidae participating in equine activities.
  22. 2-40-822. General requirements for equidae entering Arkansas.
  23. 2-40-823. Requirements of equidae moving within the state.
  24. 2-40-824. Entry requirements to a veterinarian's clinic for care or treatment.
  25. 2-40-825. Entry requirements to an approved slaughter facility.
  26. 2-40-826. Equine infectious anemia services.
  27. 2-40-827. Expiration of subchapter. Repealed by ACT 759 of 1999, signed March 22, 1999

TWB Comment: The current Equine Infectious Anemia law is the best the state has ever had and puts Arkansas as a leader in fighting EIA, but some parts of it need to be changed to make it even better, yet some have suggested items that would weaken our State EIA law if implimented, they should not be.   The things that need to be done are:
  • 2-40-827 needs to be removed, or there will be NO EIA law in Arkansas after August 10, 2000.
  • Quarantine distances should remain at 440 yards as a minimum.
  • Every equine should be tested annually. Some have suggested having more than one class of testing dates (example, ranch, show, breeding), bad idea. A horse is a horse, a mule is a mule, no matter what their use.
  • Testing should be more readally available (cheaper in cost, more people authorized to draw blood for testing).

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