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Rates for Tech Support, Web Hosting & Web Design Services

Pages that we created for clients

Tech. Support

Network, Hardware, MS-Dos, Windows 3.1/3.11/95/98/ME/2K/XP, e-mail, Trumpet, Netscape, IE, Mozilla, Opera, Plus many software titles. $   55.00
Per Hour
Linux - All Areas $   55.00
Per Hour
Travel charges may also apply.

Web Page Design & editing

HomePage, One video page, Standard Color Text or Background (ex. Aqua, Black, Blue, Fuchsia, Gray, Green, Lime, Maroon, Navy, Olive, Purple, Red, Teal, Silver, Yellow, and White).
One month of hosting included (see below).
Commercial Web Site $   25.00
Per Hour
Personal Web Page Includes Not-For-Profit Organizations $   5.00
Per Hour
Domain Name Registration Set-up fee, (www.yourname.com)
Domain Name Registrar charges are extra.
$   25.00

Custom Graphic Image
(Includes converting BMP or GIF files to JPG or PNG format)


$   35.00
Per Hour

Images Scanned ( Photos, Logos, Drawings, etc )
If editing of images is required after scanning, editing will be charged at `custom image' rate.


$   10.00

Audio production ( music, voice, sound effects, etc )


$   30.00
Per hour

Video production with or without audio ( slideshow, quicktime, avi, etc )


$   45.00
Per hour

Website Hosting

Commercial website
Any appropriate design fee (as listed above) may also apply.
$   25.00
Per Month

Personal website
Any appropriate design fee (as listed above) may also apply.

$   5.00
Per Month

Banner Ads - R.O.S.
Any appropriate design fee (as listed above) may also apply.

$   15.00
Per Month

Banner Ads - Specific page
Any appropriate design fee (as listed above) may also apply.

$   5.00
Per Month

General info:

  • If you must have design work done on Saturday & Sunday as emergency changes, it will be billed at $35.00 per hour (with two hours minimum) regardless of client status (unless superseded by terms listed in contract).

  • Client submitted changes by e-mail listing something like please change a, b, c, etc should be in plain text, no HTML, there is no need to send 2 copies [plain & HTML] of the same info, (this setting can be changed in most e-mail programs). Client designed HTML pages may, however, be attached to e-mail.

  • Website support by phone during weekday evening hours are billed per contract terms and are generally seperate from site design charges.

  • All images will be JPG, JPEG or PNG format and no larger than 800 pixels wide ( Unless superseeded by contract terms) , any other format or larger size will be considered "Custom" and will be billed accordingly (see above), including converting GIF to PNG.

  • Client provided images and HTML pages shall NOT contain spaces in their respective file names. If words are to be separated, an "-" hyphen or "_" underscore shall be used as a separator (ie, "uncle-george.jpg" or "uncle_george.jpg" would be a proper name, while "uncle george.jpg" would not be proper).

  • Billed charges are Net 10 (unless superseded by terms listed in contract), unpaid balance will be subject to 18% APR after 30 days.

All Rates Are Subject To Change Without Notice.
I do reserve the right to edit any/all text.

All Web Pages that I create for clients will have the following at the bottom.
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