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Our Mission...

It is the mission of Arkansas Horse Council, Inc. to act as spokesman for all Arkansas horse-people. AHC works to stay abreast of all legislative matters concerning the equine industry in our state. The AHC's membership in the The United Organizations of the Horse ensures that our interests are protected in Washington DC on issues affecting all horse-people.

Education & research

AHC cooperates with the Arkansas Livestock & Poultry Commission, and the University of Arkansas Extension Service to improve our horsemanship programs and to keep our health laws intact and in-force.


AHC honors the outstanding horse-people in the state who show exemplary standards in their particular fields, whether amateur or professional.

Issue Management

AHC volunteers constantly monitor property rights, trail endangerment, animal welfare issues, disease outbreaks, endangered species, pollution control, ecology, horse theft & all issues affecting horse-people.


The AHC staff networks nationwide to provide up-to-date data on activities of other state equine councils, i.e., employment, vacation opportunities, health issues, trade shows & expos.

Promotion of Events & Associations

AHC provides assistance to any equine related event or activity when requested; promotional supplies & media liaison.

EIA / Coggins Test & Certification Clinics

The Arkansas Horse Council is mandated by law to have a supervisory position in this program. Betty Jones devised and implemented this program for the state and it is now taught by the Lewis Wray of the Arkansas Department of Livestock and Poultry. Contact the AL&P for more information on times and places for certification Clinics. Also, to report any suspected case of non-compliance call (501) 902-2400 and ask for the compliance officer. Reporters may remain anonymous.



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