Photo Processing Information

Here is information on how to get your photo on this website.

  1. If your photo is in an electronic format , you can attach it to an e-mail addressed to
  2. If your photo is not in an electronic format,
  3. If your photo is not in electronic format and you or someone else is going to scan it, please use a resolution higher than 150, but not wider than 800 pixels (ie, 800x600). If it is larger than 800 wide then it will be reduced accordingly
  4. Save your photo image in .tif or .tiff format (it provides the best detail), although .jpg or .jpegis acceptable.
  5. After your photo has been scanned, see the first item.

Remember: The higher the resolution you use, the more photographic detail your photo has, and in turn, the better your photo will look. Please make every effort to see that the item is straight in the scanner.

In mailing your photo to us to be scanned; send the photo and payment (by money order prefered), an SASE as mentioned, your contact info, and typed information as to what is in the photo. Also include any information about croping (editing) the photo. NOTE: Writing on the back of your photo is not recommended, print the info on a seperate peice of paper.

Mail the package to:

Photos @ TWB Services
c/o Travis W. Burton
11 Cypress Road, #40
Arkadelphia   AR   71923-4223

If you need more information about photos, send an e-mail to

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